Writing is FUN to Teach with Apple Flip Books

This week, I did Writing Flipbook Activity  with my Grade 1 and 2 kidoos and it was so much Fun doing it and seeing kids engaged enthusiastically. The purpose of this hands-on activity was to help them understand how could they use 5W1H 

strategy to create ideas and sparkle their imagination! 

I have figured out that writing activities that help create a warm and fun classroom environment work best to keep kids motivated and inspired! The prospect of walking away with an apple shaped flipbook was a great bonus for the little ones to stay focused and to participate in the activity!

Writing is FUN to Learn!
Writing Flip Book Template Cover Page
I warmed up the class by showing a cut out copy of the book they could make through the activity I had planned to do with them and was delighted to hear the loud CHEERS! 
I used the 5W1H questions sheet (included in the activity packet) to brainstorm them and also invited them to create additional questions they could think of.  
 Children got to record the new words and spellings  in their self rewarding Spelling Through the Year Notebooks (available at my TpT store) during all the writing activities. These interactive mini notebooks are like mini vocabulary and spelling books kids can refer  to throughout the year as they keep recording new words during writing lessons in these tiny treasures! Essentially, it organizes their learning process in a compact mini book they could review over and over again.
Multi Purpose Spelling and Vocabulary Mini Books Kids Can Treasure
Kids Can Record and Review New Spellings and Vocabulary

Once they had finished creating the ideas using 5W1H strategy, they colored the cover page template.
Writing Flip Book Activity
Then, they cut out the apple shape along the edge of the thick black outline. 
Writing Flip Book Activity Template
I demonstrated to them how to cut neatly and also instructed them to carefully cut off the leaf because we had to glue it back in a nice way (refer to the photo), otherwise it would hang loosely from the paper! Here is our finished product!
Writing Activity  to Help Kids Succeed in a FUN Way!

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