Story Elements Task Cards for ELA Classrooms

Teaching Story Elements

Since I started introducing story elements to my elementary writing classroom, I thought of creating Task Cards to give more practice and to help them review story elements in a fun way. 

After doing some discussion and modeling story elements for them with the help of a story book and graphic organizer, I let them work either in pairs or in groups  to take turns to create the stories. 

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Then, they work independently to apply their understanding.This activity works well with Grade 3 students. 

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However, for the second graders, I let them first categorize the story element cards for Beginning, Middle and Ending parts of the story. After that, they plan their story with the help of these cards in a guided manner. It is good for interactive notebooks as they write the names of their characters and stick the top part of the card above it creating Flip and See interactives for all the section of their story. 

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For first graders, I use it along with reading a book and identifying the various story elements as we read together often letting them do the guessing. Also, I let them create their own stories by pasting these in their notebooks as shown below in a guided collaborative small group activity as they take turns to create different parts of their stories.

IMG_6541 copy

 IMG_6544 copy
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