Interactive Flipbooks are Always FUN to Learn

I was excitedly waiting to practice the interactive flip book I created for my students to reinforce CVC word work. I was thrilled to see how could this versatile resource be converted into interactive notebook templates as well.
So, I had the choice either to let kids practice and bring home an independent flipbook or use the pages as interactive notebook templates. I chose to go for the second option and let the kids paste the templates on their interactive notebooks this week.

Interactive CVC Flipbook

Kids enjoyed guessing the CVC words using Spinner and creating CVC words.

The interactive flipbook is FUN for kids as they have choice  of activities to practice CVC words while they get to decorate the cupcakes. The activities in this flipbook could be extended through the blank templates I have included for the extra practice.

One of the practice worksheets require them to identify and color the vowel sound inside the cupcake. Then, they mix the consonants found on the cupcake to create CVc words. Another practice worksheet offers a mix of consonant and vowel sounds to let them think and build words.

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