Halloween Bash Blog Hop

I am so excited to collaborate with some fabulous  bloggers and authors in this Halloween Bash Blog Hop. Join us in this Blog Hopping FUN to Win great Prize Packs! 

I am donating my Halloween No Prep Activities in this Blog Hopping Bash.

Yesterday, the halloween spirit could be felt, heard and seen in my lower elementary class as we practiced some Halloween inspired activities. The moment  I brainstormed the kids with the topic of “Halloween, I could sense the excitement among the students and the stories that started spluttering out from their tiny mouths were never ending. 

However, the task of the day was to engage them with Halloween Vocabulary and Writing. What could have been better option than to try the newly created Halloween No Prep Activities Pack. Kids were already in a flow and rhythm to showcase their interest in the Halloween activities we brainstormed about! They completed Matching words with the picture practice sheet below before moving on to share their opinions and deepen their understand around  the meaning of the term “opinion”?

 The concept of “opinion” is not an easy one for the kids to comprehend. So, I tickled them by posing questions about the things they like or dislike and asked them to tell the reasons for their like or dislike. This helped to shine some light on the concept as they began to sense  when they talk about the things, people, habits, hobbies or anything else, they are giving their opinions in the form of like or dislike. This initial prompting was good enough to move them onto the topic of writing their opinions. Kids  shared and wrote their opinions about ghost and witch in the following writing prompt that belong to Halloween No Prep Activities Pack. Win this Packet by participating in this Blog Hopping FUN!

Halloween Opinion Writing

I will be practicing Color coded CVC Word Work with my Kinder kids tomorrow inspired by the bat theme below:
Since halloween is around the corner, it brought me back so many fond memories of having fun with friends and family  during this time. One particular picture  I would like to share is that of having fun at my friends place with our kids a few years back. This memory is close to my heart since my friend has moved to Australia a few years back and these fond memories are great to cherish.

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Now, the much awaited Halloween Blog Hop Bash is waiting for your participation. Join in the FUN now! Follow me and other great TpT authors to have great Halloween TREATS!!

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