0058Ashoo Modgil is a Program Director of Brain Domain Kids Literacy Skills. She is a teacher, trainer and consultant.  She founded Brain Domain Kids Literacy Skills to create awareness among parents, teachers and caregivers about the value of early literacy and bonding with kids. She loves creating educational content and training parents and teachers based upon her vast experience of teaching, managing and training. The mother and teacher within her motivates and inspires her to inform, educate and create innovative tools and methods for enrichment and personal development. She is a qualified language teacher and self development consultant. She started her career as a language teacher but her passion for positive change and curiosity to know more about the potential of human brain led her in the area of self development. Having taught varied age groups ranging from preschoolers to adults, she now taps into her creative talent and educational background by providing quality training and enrichment programs to schools and organisations.

My Qualifications

Masters in English Literature

Masters in English Studies (NUS, Singapore)

Certificate in TESOL (RELC, Singapore)

Certificate in Accessing Personal Genius (NLP), Australia

Certified Self Development Consultant, Australia

More than 16 years Experience of Teaching English to varied age groups ranging from preschoolers to adults.

Stay Tuned,

Ashoo Modgil

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