Writing is FUN When Kids can Connect

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Writing is fun when kids can make direct connections with what they are expected to write. This week I did  WRITE & COLOR Activity with my Grade 1 and 2 students.   I had been working on creating journal prompts that could get the 

young writers move their fingers without any struggle. These writing prompts will

  • help students with self-discovery while promoting language and thinking skills
  •  promote students’ appreciation of their individuality while enhancing vocabulary
  •  help students understand their feelings and make inferences while developing higher- order thinking skills.

I was delighted to see them participate with eagerness and interest once they were able to make personal connections. First, we talked about Emotions as I illustrated on the board what was the meaning of emotions. Once they understood that emotions were being happy, sad, angry, surprised or excited, they came up with a list of feelings and emotions. Then, we discussed what made us happy, sad or angry. Children had lots of ideas and thoughts originating from their personal experiences. They started making personal connections quickly and this allowed the activity to gain it’s flow and momentum. I explained to them just as they felt happy, sad, angry or excited, the characters in the writing prompts could also feel the same feelings for the same reasons as they did. This was enough to get them to start writing.

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