Valentines Day Fun Freebie

Fun and Easy Literacy Center Ideas for February! Let Kids Have Some Fun on Valentine’s Day As They Learn Essential Skills!
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I am so excited to share the Valentines Day Fun Packet (71 Pages) that focuses on helping kids practice basic literacy skills in an easy but fun way. Kids found it fun to practice identifying nouns and verbs by coloring the Cupid’s hearts with two different colors to identify Nouns and Verbs. They felt proud to be of some help to Cupid! Penny the Pig Worksheets offered practice with changing singular nouns into plurals through cut and paste as well as through filling in the blanks. Lush the Fish needed the kids help to blow the heart bubbles through sequencing the words on them to make simple sentences. Then, they write the sentences on the worksheet! 
Tatter the Caterpillar was great fun to work with as kids  had to spell the words on hearts and then color the correct sounds to make spellings. Coloring the pictures to identify the position words gives an opportunity to  visually comprehend the word and makes it easy to remember! Chunky the Monkey Worksheets could help kids with punctuation and Subject/Verb Agreement. I am also giving away a FREEBIE (available for download at the end of this Post) that includes a few pages from this packet. If you like it, you can learn more about it at my TpT Store (Click the Image Below to Visit TpT Store)

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Now it’s time to share the Freebie I promised! Click the Image Below to Access Valentines Day Fun Pages! If you like it, You can purchase it from my TpT Store

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