Teaching Tips for Busy Teachers #1

teaching, classroom managementTeaching Tips for Busy Teachers save your time and make you shine with your students.Teaching is a great responsibility for any parent or teacher. It involves a complex set of factors to be considered in order to make learning a successful experience for both the teacher and the child. A classroom is a diverse mix of children from various backgrounds and each child is unique in his learning ability. Allowing children to make choices in how they want to show their understanding of what is learnt allows them to pay attention as they are doing what they want to do and not what the teacher wants them to do (this is what they perceive as they choose). Choices can be offered by giving them the options which are aligned with Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Model and teacher can also consider different learning styles. I usually allow children  to show their understanding of story elements by choosing any of the following ways:

1 Drawing

2 Teaching a Friend

3 Saying Aloud

 4 Making a Model

5 Dramatize

 6 Create a Game

  7  Make a Poem

I found it very useful to choose activities for the lesson which allow every child to choose from the options provided by the teacher/parent. Children feel important and have a sense of responsibility as they are engaging in something they chose.

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