Read Write and Draw Activity Creates FUN

Read Write Draw Activity Creates FUN

Read Write Draw Activity can help  your child learn about characters as you read and draw. Making a habit to draw, write  talk about the characters in the story adds fun element.

Young children like playful and crafty games in order to learn vocabulary and language with ease.

This also helps them to understand that reading and writing go hand in hand. Draw image of characters or story setting while the child colors the pictures. Children like to create crafts and actions that are fun and keep them interested.

Read and act while you read stories. Children find reading as funs and enjoyable experience.

Read Write and Draw Activity

You are not only helping them to make connections between print and words but also fostering intuitive understanding about the  sounds of spoken word.

Be creative as you read to kids. Use your imagination and insight to come up with ideas that are fun, practical and juicy to keep your younger kids motivated for further learning.

Children have active imagination, so stimulate your child’s reading experiences positively.

During read write draw activity, you can let your child scribble along with you as you create interest in the characters in the story by talking to them as you draw. Ask your child questions as you read to them. Draw on the paper and take turns to draw characters. This fosters understanding that characters are people with feelings and emotions.

Children connect with reading experiences positively when they see their parents and caregivers actively participating with them in a fun and friendly manner.

Reading and writing helps kids achieve success in school with ease. The reason is that their brain absorbs linguistic skills. Not only this, children have better comprehension and creativity.

Have Fun doing Read Write Draw Activity.

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