Phonics Practice for Short Vowel Aa

Phonics practice for short vowel a is provided in Brain Domain Phonics Kit. Teaching how to decode 3 letter CVC words is critical to future success with much advanced phonics structures. This activity set explains step by step process of how to teach children to read words through blending in an explicit and systematic manner. The mp3 is included to hear the 6 letter sounds to be introduced in the classroom.

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Print, cut, and laminate the picture cards.

Activity set includes

a) Step-by-step Lesson Plan with detailed instructions
b) 1 mp3 audio file of 6 sounds for teacher’s reference
c) 6 letter cards (1 vowel card and 5 Consonant Cards)
d) 2 Practice Worksheets

Please leave feedback if you download this activity, as I am always interested in what other educators/parents think of the materials I create for my own students and share with others.

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