Free Common Core Story Elements Puzzles

I created a set of hands-on activities to enhance kids understanding of various story elements keeping in mind that children need to understand first what are different story elements before they could write a story independently or comprehend elements of a story. 

You can also use an interesting grade level story book to go along with this activity. 

Read aloud each story element description after reading a story book and prompt children to figure out different elements(characters, setting, problem etc.). Brainstorm and create a collage on the board to support their understanding.

If you choose not to extend or supplement this activity with a story book, simply use the provided scrambled story strips to enhance their understanding of story elements. Let the students sequence the story in pairs or small groups or guide the whole class to sequence the story through modelling for them. 

Then, read out the description of each story element and prompt the class to identify it’s counterpart in the story they have sequenced followed by comprehension questions.

Common Core Story Elements includes:

1. Detailed description of each story element.

2. A Scrambled Story  that you can laminate and cut into  strips for repeated use. 

3. A set of comprehension questions related to the story children have sequenced.

4. A set of 4 Task Cards to reinforce their understanding of the story elements. You can either laminate and cut the cards or you can use it as a single worksheet.

 Children stay curious as they strengthen their learning process through these activities. This is included in the Common Core Story Elements Activities on my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

I used the bright orange paper to print the story sentences  and then cut them along the dotted lines to keep this activity bright and lively 

Click to Download the Story Elements Puzzle Task Cards. 

I used the blue card stock paper to print and cut the Task Cards. 

You have the option to use it as a worksheet if you do not intend to laminate it or just use any bright card stock paper.

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