Describing the Characters is FUN

I had been contemplating how to  get kids in my English class understand and apply the reading and writing strategy of characterisation. Then, just an idea dropped into my head as I was doodling some faces and the activity turned out to be GREAT FUN for the class.  

In the first lesson,  we brainstormed and discussed how characters in stories have outside (how do they look)and inside personality ( how do they behave and their character traits). I modeled for them one of the sample stories to analyze information about the characters outside personality (physical appearance). After this, the kids worked in pairs to describe  themselves and their partners physical appearance. It was good engagement and opportunity to teach good words and phrases as they were constantly asking me to describe how did their noses and chins looked like. The following collage was created before we could forbade goodbye in our first lesson! 

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In the second lesson next week, we will be discussing the inside personality of the characters through reading a story book. Next, students will apply their understanding through pair work. They would be working on the following worksheets. I have two versions of the same worksheet for both the boys and the girls. Click on the collage to read more about this resource at my TpT Store

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