Cause and Effect Task Cards Made it Easier

 Click to see Cause and Effect Task CatdsCause and Effect is not an easy concept to teach kids in the elementary classrooms. However, I was able to give some shape to the concept for my elementary class  through the task cards  and the poster I created to introduce the concept of Cause and Effect. Kids had a good laugh while investigating The Case of the Missing Teeth. Kids came up with various reasons for the missing teeth during brainstorming session like eating too much sweets, banging the mouth accidentally against something sharp, lack of brushing teeth etc. It was good starting as they understood what had happened to the teeth had reasons and causes. 
I loved the interaction in the classroom causing laughter and smiles while giving me more reasons to love what I do!

After brainstorming, we did a pair work activity in which the Cause and Effect Task Cards were equally divided among the pairs for pair share activity. Each member of the pair share activity would place one  set of cards in each turn in front of the other member and ask a question” Which card is a cause and which card is an effect? They record their answers in the recording sheet to be checked later from the answer key. I usually demonstrate to them how to do this activity before they start doing it. Once they are finished doing it and have some idea around the concept of Cause and Effect, I would read a paragraph from a story (mostly the middle of the story to point out how writers create problems and events in the story through cause and effect) and create a class discussion around identifying causes and effects by asking questions. Then the class either works in groups or pairs to discuss story problems and events and identify causes and effects.
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