Alphabet Glass Craft for Reading & Phonics

Alphabet Glass Craft is Easy FUN to do with Kids

Alphabet Glass craft for reading and phonics can be used in many ways. It can be used to teach alphabet names and sounds as well as to teach more advanced stages of reading such as blending individual sounds to form words. This craft activity uses letter tiles to help the preschooler identify and differentiate the alphabet names and sounds. You can also use cards with uppercase and lowercase alphabets printed together on one card.

1 You will need blue tack, scissors, plastic glass or any disposable glass and a set of medium or small alphabet cut outs as shown below:

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2. Put all 26 alphabet cutouts in the plastic glass and cover its mouth with your hand to give it a good shake. Let your child pick up one card and say aloud the name of the letter and let the child repeat the name. Then say aloud the sound of the letter and let the child repeat it.. Help the child put the blue tack at the back of the cutout and stick it on the glass.

alphabets, phonics, crafts, reading

3. Take turns with your child. Ask the child to shake and let you pick up the card. You can say aloud the name and sound and the child repeats. You can stick on the cut out on the glass. Children love this as they end up creating an alphabet glass you can put somewhere they can look and point. You can use this glass for review throughout the day going in and out of your kitchen or living area.

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4. Teaching your child is as easy as breeze if you pay attention to various skills and strategies available.

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